Can You Escape

Supporting new businesses coming to York City Centre is a great way to welcome new and interesting ideas which people can enjoy. One business in particular is Can You Escape York.

A real life escape rooms, based on Micklegate, this new tourist attraction challenges you to find a way out in the given time.

Leeds German Christmas Market

I covered a short 1-minute interview with Leeds German Christmas Market. Showing what the market has to offer, an extra interview with one of the stalls here and a variety of other stalls and attractions, which viewers can watch an insightful short clip about what the market has to offer.

York’s Cold War Bunker

York’s Cold war bunker was built in 1981 and was used up until the 1990s. Now a tourist attraction, you can escape into the bunker as if it had never changed.

As part of English Heritage, this attraction is open for anyone to enjoy, and the history comes alive whilst you are down there.


York Viking Festival


The annual York Viking Festival takes palces every year in February half term.

The streets get converted into viking camps with talks, workshops and ending the week with the famous march and battle.

In different part of the town you can see different attractions and activities to watch and take part in.

I was lucky enough to film the event one year and to show you why thousands of people come to York for the festival every year.

And I can’t wait to return again.


Yorks new Viking exhibition

York Museum’s new Viking exhibition

What if the latest archaeological finds would change the way we thought about the York Vikings? From a famous Viking drinking vessel to new metal detectors searching grounds, new finds are happening all the time.

The new exhibition is opening in May 2017, and it displays new studies and finds in North Yorkshire. The discoveries that are found, could change and inspire new research as to how the Vikings lived and how they had an impact on community areas.

I met up with two of the workers here including the curator to find out more:

York Rescue Boat

The York Rescue Boat is a local charity and ran by all volunteers in York. They focus on community interaction, antisocial behaviour and vulnerable person assistance. On location on a busy weekend in York, I went on patrol with them to see what life was like working for the rescue boat, and how important and vital they are for the community of York.

York St Patricks Day 2017

York’s Irish Festival is returning to St Sampsons Square on the 17th- 18th of March, and it will be their 3rd year of celebrating St Patricks Day. From great food, live music and face painting, this event is for everyone. I spoke to Brendan, the organiser to find out more and what is in store for this year.


Gliding in North Yorkshire

I went to the Yorkshire Gliding Club to have an interview with one of the pilots about the gliding experience. The video is the journey from the parachute training to the takeoff, reaching 3000ft and the landing. This may have been one of the hardest interviews I have experienced so far, yet one of the best and unforgettable moments I have had as a presenter.