Ripon, North Yorkshire

My latest journey has taken me to Ripon. It is between the Yorkshire Dales and The North York Moors and there is plenty to do to make a day out of it.


The market town has three museums, The Work House, Prison and Police and The Court Room museum. It is also famous for the cathedral where people have been coming here for over 1300 years and it is said that Lewis Carroll, writer of Alice in Wonderland, was inspired by the medieval interior.

ripon 8

Only a five-minute walk from the centre, there is The Spa Gardens, which has live concerts held every Sunday through the summer. It also has some impressive Alice in Wonderland wood carvings.

There are other walking trails to go on as well, some leading to Fountains Abbey and along the canal. If you want to stay in Ripon, there are plenty of bed and breakfasts and camping plots too.

Ripon also has its own race course and a theme park nearby, and there are plenty of shops bars and restaurants.

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5 thoughts on “Ripon, North Yorkshire

  1. We visit this area when we housesitted up that way, this year, it is a beautiful area of the UK. Weren’t you lucky to have such a lovely day to create your podcast! A repeat visit planned for next year, which we will have to check out the Alice in Wonderland wood carvings.


    1. Thankyou so much for your comment. It is a really nice area and I was so lucky that it was so sunny and warm. And yes you will have to see the carvings, they are amazing.

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      1. I have made a note of them!

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      2. You’re welcome, Natalie.

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  2. Try to visit the Wakeman House Cafe while there, superb for a cream tea!

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