York part 3

There is always lots of new ideas and activities every year in York. I have recently filmed York’s new dementia-friendly gardens and new project Spark York and a hidden street along the way.


The Homestead in York has created a new Dementia friendly garden with a spherical centre water feature, circular seats and flowers.

Along the way, I also found one of York’s hidden streets called Lady Peckitt’s Yard which was named because of Lord Mayor John Peckitt in 1702 and his wife lived here.

york 8


Spark York is one the city’s newest attractions. It is currently getting built and will be home to new bars, restaurants, retail units and a garden. The first containers have already arrived and the building is underway to bring together the units.

Wensleydale, Yorkshire

I recently took a visit to Hawes in Wensleydale and visited three great areas. The videos are split into three 1) Hawes town, 2) Wensleydale Creamery and 3) The Yorkshire Dales Museum.
Part 1, this shows off some of the great spots to come to, and the stunning views.

Part 2, Wensleydale Creamery. I was lucky enough to enter the factory and find out how they make this famous cheese and why thousands of people come here every year.


Part 3, in the Yorkshire Dales Museum where it shows off the history of the Dales and shows some impressive finds and hands on activities.


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