York St Patricks Day 2018

This year residents in York were celebrating St Patricks Day for the 4th time in the city. The marque sat in St Sampson Square where people could listen to live Irish music and dancing.

The celebrations showed the culture and Irish traditions who welcomed all ages to join them. People could take part in ceilidhs, Irish food and drink and face painting.

pat 9

As the celebrations ended with the band, The Flying Donkeys, I’m sure the people in York are looking forward to whats in store for next years 5th festival.

Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

The Yorkshire Museum has opened their latest exhibition, Yorkshire’s Jurassic World which features collections and the latest technology which takes visitors back to the Jurassic period, it was opened by a very special guest, Sir David Attenborough.

There are all sorts to see including virtual reality, rare fossils, teeth and claws from the Megalosaur (Yorkshire’s top predator) baby ichthyosaurs and the famous fossilised sea dragons.


This exhibit doesn’t just show the famous Jurassic past, but as David Attenborough highlights, it also makes people aware of the importance of the future.