Alpamare Spa and Wellness

My visit to Alpamare’s new Spa in Scarborough was defiantly a positive one. On arrival we were shown around the building and were given robes and towels and were shown where to get changed.

Once in our Swimming Costumes I instantly felt relaxed from the calmness and tranquil vibe of the spa. We then were given a tour around all the spa rooms, treatments and facilities and were advised on the best programme that we should take. There are three different types of programmes available and ours was the Sauna Vitality which helps rejuvenate and helps with energy replenishment.

One of the first thing we tried was the Soap and Steam Bath. You apply the soap foam to your body and it helps penetrate the pours. I felt incredible after this, very relax and so clean.

The foot spas in the building also add an extra touch to the sauna treatments. I also loved the Hot Stone, which I found great for people with back pain, or who just simply want to relax. Both the Hot Stone and the Soap Bath are a unique treatment that Alpamare offers, as nowhere else has these facilities.

One of my favourite things that the Spa offered was the Aufguss. Firstly, you get the amazing views of Scarborough through the big glass windows. Then a person puts three different ice balls which are infused with three different essential oils and are put onto granite coals with water poured on them. The scent from this, with the hot air is wafted towards you. The feeling reminded me of when you are on holiday and you get the heat that hits you when you get off the plane. It’s so nice. After this is finished, I felt very positive and happy.

The spa offers many different showers, but one I really enjoyed was the Experience Shower. You have two options in the shower, from hot and cold. The Chromo- Aromatherapy has a positive effect in your wellbeing and helps alleviate tentions.

All in All, I would highly recommend the Wellness and Spa at Alpamare, It’s a perfect place to relax and unwind, and it’s a great place to go with a party, friends or family. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards and re energised.  

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