My name is Natalie Eaglen and I am a video and audio creator, Broadcast Journalist and a presenter with a passion for media. I create Podcasts and Video productions for businesses, charities and companies.

Natalie Eaglens Video and Audio Productions is an independent company which provides audio and video productions for businesses, charities and companies.

Creating packages and podcasts for companies is a passion I share. I have years of experience creating content for businesses, charities and companies, which can be found on my Soundcloud account and my Youtube as well as the website here.

I film and produce everwhere from Hotels to popular travel destinations. Having a video on your website makes you stand out from the your competitors and gives your website something others don’t, an actual visual guide to what you are offering.

If you are interested in the podcasts and videos for your business or event then email for more information and quote.: natalie.eaglenpodcasts@gmail.com

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