York St Patricks Day 2018

This year residents in York were celebrating St Patricks Day for the 4th time in the city. The marque sat in St Sampson Square where people could listen to live Irish music and dancing.

The celebrations showed the culture and Irish traditions who welcomed all ages to join them. People could take part in ceilidhs, Irish food and drink and face painting.

pat 9

As the celebrations ended with the band, The Flying Donkeys, I’m sure the people in York are looking forward to whats in store for next years 5th festival.

Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

The Yorkshire Museum has opened their latest exhibition, Yorkshire’s Jurassic World which features collections and the latest technology which takes visitors back to the Jurassic period, it was opened by a very special guest, Sir David Attenborough.

There are all sorts to see including virtual reality, rare fossils, teeth and claws from the Megalosaur (Yorkshire’s top predator) baby ichthyosaurs and the famous fossilised sea dragons.


This exhibit doesn’t just show the famous Jurassic past, but as David Attenborough highlights, it also makes people aware of the importance of the future.

Runswick Bay

The coastal village of Runswick Bay is definitely one of my top beaches in North Yorkshire. The village is picturesque with narrow type alleyways leading you through it and onto the scenic views of the beach.


Fossil hunting is a must here as they are so easy to find and families will love finding them and exploring the rock pools.

You can also join the Cleveland Way National Trail here, which is 109 miles long

runs 7

This seaside village is great for families and dog walkers. Its just off Whitby, and you can get local busses to the next town.



I took another trip to the popular seaside town of Scarborough. Instead of using a camera with a tripod the whole way, I decided to use a selfie stick and take you on a personal journey of the town.


The town has some great spots to see, from parks, to historic castles and their four lovely beaches.

scab pic 6

York Viking Festival 2018

The York Viking festival is well underway this week, as it celebrates the Viking history in the city.

Around the city centre, you can visit the Viking Camps, battlegrounds and learn about how they lived and invaded York.

viking 9

Apparently, we owe a lot to the Vikings, from their language which is where some of York’s Street names are from, their advanced boats and the invention of the hair comb.

The week-long festival ends on a march through the town leading to the final battle.

A Night to Remember 2017

ANight to remember is an amazing charity event which helps four charities in York, St.Leonards Hospice, Dementia Projects in York, Bereaved Children Support York & Accessible Arts & Media.

I had the opportunity to create this video from some of the great support from around the city.



Hosted by Big Ian & featuring Jess Steel, Heather Findlay, Chris Helme(ex-Seahorses), Boss Caine, Graham Hodge, Beth McCarthy, Annie D, Kieran O’Malley, These Jaded Streets and Las Vegas Ken. The show has an all star house band led by MD George Hall, featuring the songs of The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Dolly Parton, The Carpenters and Sam Smith.

Best of 2017

2017 has brought me such amazing opportunities that I am so thankful for. I have met the loveliest people and businesses and have had the chance to film at some of the most exciting and beautiful places. Thank you for everyone’s support and I can’t wait for 2018 to bring even more opportunities. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

York Balloon Fiesta 2017

The last weekend in September York had the experience of seeing the York Balloon Fiesta.

Over 50 hot air balloons took to the sky over three days. The programme had morning and evening flights and live music, stalls and a fairground during the day.

The event also helped raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Despite the rain over the weekend, it didn’t stop people from watching the spectacular event.



Saturday evening saw thousands of people watching the Talk Talk ultra-optic fibre night glow which lit up the sky’s and the balloon pilots showed off their talents by lighting the balloons to a sequence to music which wowed the crowds.

York part 3

There is always lots of new ideas and activities every year in York. I have recently filmed York’s new dementia-friendly gardens and new project Spark York and a hidden street along the way.


The Homestead in York has created a new Dementia friendly garden with a spherical centre water feature, circular seats and flowers.

Along the way, I also found one of York’s hidden streets called Lady Peckitt’s Yard which was named because of Lord Mayor John Peckitt in 1702 and his wife lived here.

york 8


Spark York is one the city’s newest attractions. It is currently getting built and will be home to new bars, restaurants, retail units and a garden. The first containers have already arrived and the building is underway to bring together the units.

Wensleydale, Yorkshire

I took a visit to Hawes in Wensleydale and visited three iconic areas. The videos are split into three separate ones,

1) Around Hawes town,

2) The making of Wensleydale Creamery,

3) The Yorkshire Dales Museum.
Part 1, is the center and shows you some of the great spots to come to, and the stunning views around the town including walks and waterfalls.

Part 2, is at Wensleydale Creamery. I was lucky enough to enter the factory and find out how they make this famous cheese, why thousands of people come here every year and how to identify the right Wensleydale Cheese.

Part 3, is at the Yorkshire Dales Museum where it shows and teaches people the history of the Dales and displays some impressive finds including hands-on activities.


York’s Micklegate Soap Box Racing 2017

August Bank holiday Monday saw thousands of people take to the streets of Micklegate to watch the spectacular Soap Box event.

The streets were full of support by local media from the area to host and document the event and the many volunteers who dedicated their time to make this year so successful.

The safety of everyone at the Micklegate Run was also accounted for. Dave Wilson who is the training manager and operations crew of the York Rescue Boat and his team were on the river side to make sure everyone had a safe day.


mick 8

And the quickest time wins the race. New to this year, the 51 teams had to go through the splash pit where they also get a helpful push along. Then onto the next ramp, heading towards the finish line. The winner of this year’s race was York Digital Image.

Ripon, North Yorkshire

My latest journey has taken me to Ripon. It is between the Yorkshire Dales and The North York Moors and there is plenty to do to make a day out of it.


The market town has three museums, The Work House, Prison and Police and The Court Room museum. It is also famous for the cathedral where people have been coming here for over 1300 years and it is said that Lewis Carroll, writer of Alice in Wonderland, was inspired by the medieval interior.

ripon 8

Only a five-minute walk from the centre, there is The Spa Gardens, which has live concerts held every Sunday through the summer. It also has some impressive Alice in Wonderland wood carvings.

There are other walking trails to go on as well, some leading to Fountains Abbey and along the canal. If you want to stay in Ripon, there are plenty of bed and breakfasts and camping plots too.

Ripon also has its own race course and a theme park nearby, and there are plenty of shops bars and restaurants.

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